SEASON:  year round

VASE LIFE*:  minimum of seven days

SOLD BY:  mini callas: 10 stem bunches, standard callas: 5 stem bunches

STEM LENGTH: mini callas: 11-15 inches, standard callas: 35 inches

BLOOM SIZE: mini callas: 2-4 inches, standard callas: 4-6 inches

USES: arrangements, bouquets, minis make great boutonnieres

DESCRIPTION:  These focal flowers arrive foliage free, and make great focal flowers.  Sturdy stems can add height, while flexible stems make graceful curves.


*vase life approximations are based on averages.  Flowers are not guaranteed to last a particular length of time, and proper care is required for optimum longevity.

**flowers are a natural product, so variations in color from bloom to bloom, and from image to actual flower is to be expected.